‘You can’t just use it because of a trend’: Charlottetown hairdresser knows sulfate-free shampoos aren’t for everyone

Jasmine Wigmore stands behind her hairdressing chair. She works as a hair stylist at Supercuts in the Spencer Drive Plaza. Beth Atkinson photo

Jasmine Wigmore knows about hair, especially her own. She also knows exactly which shampoos aren’t for her.

Wigmore is a hairdresser at the salon in the Spencer Drive Plaza in Charlottetown.

Using one of the trendy sulfate-free shampoos depends on the hair type, she said.

“The point of sulfate-free shampoo is that it’s not taking out your natural oils.”

That’s why they recommend those products to people with coarse, thick, curly hair.

“That type of hair is typically dry anyway, so you want those natural oils in your hair.”

Those shampoos don’t work well with thin hair like Wigmore’s, which is long and straight. She needs to get rid of those oils that sulfate-free shampoo doesn’t strip out, she said.

“So some people shouldn’t use it and some people should.”

Wigmore was trained at the Private Institute of Hair Design and Esthetics in Charlottetown. That’s where she learned sulfates are just the components that make suds, she said.

“Everything that has suds has that. It doesn’t mean it’s harsh.”

She had customers coming in who wanted to follow the trend, but didn’t have the right hair type, she said.

“You can’t just use it because of a trend.”

Staff at Sally’s Beauty Supply, a store that sells salon products in Charlottetown, are put through a training process called “Girlfriend in the Know” to learn about its products.

They’re taught how beneficial sulfate-free shampoo is, said Jessica Jenkins, one of the sales associates.

“It’s so they don’t put more chemicals on their hair.”

Customers who buy the product are looking for a shampoo that is a little more natural, said Jenkins.

“They’re conscious of what they’re putting on their head.”

It is part of their store’s sales pitch to tell their customers about the sulfate-free products, she said.

“We make a point to suggest them to customers when they come in.”


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